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New Planned Parenthood Celebrates Life. Wait, What?

It looks to me like they're panicking. This should be called their "Please don't defund me" commercial.

New Planned Parenthood ad celebrates woman who … decided against having an abortion
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Science States When Life Begins

Politics over science.

When does life begin? According to the United States Supreme Court, a number of politicians including President Barack Obama, and a variety of other sources, there is still much debate in the realms of science and medicine as to how to answer this charged question. A popular deflection is to say something like “It’s above my pay grade to answer that,” or “If scientists are still debating this, who am I to speculate?” The truth is that science already has answered this question, loud and clear. It’s really pretty simple. You take an egg from a female and a sperm cell from a male. The sperm penetrates the egg. And now you have one cell with the complete amount of genetic material needed for everything a human could ever want to do.
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Break Your Silence: Speak About Amoris Laetitia!

Thomas Peters:

It has been 600 days since I last composed a blog post, but this is so important I am breaking my hiatus. Almost exactly 1600 years ago, in the midst of the Pelagian heresy which threatened to engulf the Church, St. Augustine wrote that when Rome has spoken, the case is closed (paraphrased: “Roma locuta est, causa finita est”). Today, precisely because the pope has not spoken, the Church is facing a crisis, and the case remains open.
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Nerd Products You Won't Find in Stores, Which Parents Need or At Least, Think They Want

Funny 'cause it's true stuff from Sherry:

Item #1) The Screen Killer Destructo Button:  I want the equivalent of a tantalus field in my home, one push of the button, and all screens everywhere in the home shut down.  No TV, no telephones, no computers, no tablets, no kindles, nooks, xboxes, wiiU's, playstations, DS's, iphone watches, ipods, Ipads, any of it, works for the next 2-10 hours, depending upon the setting you use.
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