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Life Ain't a Box of Chocolates, It's More Like Horseradish Sauce

Personally I don't like horseradish sauce but I love Sherry Antonetti's writing:

This weekend, I traveled to Buffalo to witness my Godson's wedding. I ate well. It was an odd experience, being sans children. You would think having time without household chores or people to serve, I'd have written something but alas, I discovered, my time management skills are worse than I thought, for I am a sufficient reason to not get to the keyboard. While at the hotel, the Taste of Buffalo filled the street outside the lobby. I enjoyed wine ice cream and fried risotto and even took a turn at Karaoke. Mercifully, the video my mom took is too long to upload so my teens won't have to suffer having their mom's warbling preserved forever in internet amber. It's good to know it's there though, sort of like a plausible threat of mutually assured destruction. They don't want it out. I don't want it out. They behave, I retain a hint of dignity online, if not in reality.
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