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Embattled Marquette Professor Will Apologize ‘When Hell Freezes Over

So I guess not anytime soon.

Marquette University has delayed the termination of Associate Professor John McAdams, opting to suspend him without pay through the fall 2016 semester, but University President Dr. Michael Lovell is demanding an apology from McAdams as a condition of getting his job back over his November 2014 blog post criticizing a graduate student instructor who bullied a student for arguing against same-sex marriage. McAdams said in a recent radio interview that he’ll apologize, “When hell freezes over.”
- See more at: http://www.cardinalnewmansociety.org/CatholicEducationDaily/DetailsPage/tabid/102/ArticleID/4801/Embattled-Marquette-Professor-Will-Apologize-%e2%80%98When-Hell-Freezes-Over%e2%80%99.aspx#sthash.QoXclvYp.dpuf Continue reading>>>

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