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Oy With the Popesplaining Already

Amy Welborn begs you to cease the popesplaining.

Guess what. You don’t have to defend every word the Pope says. Even if you consider yourself an enthusiastic and faithful Catholic of any stripe you are not obligated to defend every utterance in every papal interview or even every papal homily or declaration. Popes – all popes – can say things that are wrong, incorrect, ill-informed, narrow, short-sighted and more reflective of their personal biases, interests and limitations than the broader, deeper tradition of Catholicism. Which is why, traditionally, popes didn’t do a lot of public talking.
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Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Money passage:

And it’s time to do so without the spectre of being caricatured as a a “Francis-Hater” or that you must consider yourself “One of the Greatest Catholics of All Time.” Ignore that kind of discourse. It’s lazy.

It’s time to do so without the discussion-silencing claim that any critique of the current papacy must – must – come from a fearful identification with American capitalism rather than an embrace of Catholic social teaching.

Et tu, Marcus Brutus?

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