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Big Families Don't Know They're Big

Great piece.

Big families are like big dogs. We don’t have a clue we’re big. It’s perfectly normal in our world to cook for a crowd every day. We whip our big vans in and out of parking lots like they are sports cars. We don’t bat an eye at the line of shoes by the back door or the pile of coats weighing down the coatrack. And it doesn’t even faze us that we take up an entire pew (or more) at church. In fact, we don’t think we have a lot of kids because we always know someone with more kids than we have. Besides, for most of us, the children came to us one or two at a time, and we simply adjusted to the addition as they’ve shown up. We didn’t suddenly have 5 or 8 or 14 children drop in our laps one day. They sort of trickled in…right under our noses.
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