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11 Catholic Converts Share Their Stories

Great piece.

Why would an atheist, abortion worker or drug addict decide to become Catholic? Stories of those who have converted to Catholicism inspire us and renew our own passion for the faith. The men and women whose stories we feature today come from diverse backgrounds. Whether a criminal, an atheist, or an ardent anti-Catholic, each has a testimony of the path they left behind when God revealed to them the truths of the Catholic faith. The stories that we share today are all of people who have chosen to live out their commitment to their new found faith with passion through the power of the Holy Spirit. All of them are now authors, speakers, and leaders who encourage others to grow in faith and devotion. We hope that you will enjoy listening to these powerful examples of God’s love and saving power. Remember, no one is so far from God that he or she cannot find their way back to Him.
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