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The Pro-Life Movement Is Winning the Culture

SBA List's Marjorie Dannenfelser gives me some hope. Some.

Speaker Paul Ryan has announced that in January the House will take up the reconciliation bill considered earlier this month by the U.S. Senate. The landmark legislation, passed by a vote of 52–47, defunds Planned Parenthood — America’s largest abortion provider — of taxpayer dollars and reroutes the funding to comprehensive health-care centers. The Huffington Post was mystified when the Senate approved the bill: Why would moderate Republicans, some of whom face tough re-election battles in 2016, vote in favor of the measure? Let me clue them in: It’s because the voters they represent — even many who identify themselves as pro-choice — have deep misgivings about abortion on demand, and are horrified by the practices of the nation’s largest abortion provider
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Miscarrying While Feminist

Forsaken by feminism:

Stories of miscarriage shock are becoming more common. Not the surprise of miscarrying—that remains—but a woman’s realization that she cares about the “clump of cells” she carried. As Alexandra Kimball’s recent essay in Canada’s Globe and Mail reveals, a modern woman is surprised to discover that, according to feminism, the difference between the death of a child and of an aborted fetus is simply the mother’s intent to continue the pregnancy.
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Holy Screwtape! Young C.S. Lewis secretly worked with M16?

Lewis. CS Lewis:

I don't know about you, but for years now I have grown increasingly skeptical about a lot of the books and other products that continue to roll out from the publishing industry that surrounds the life and work of the great Oxford don and Christian apologist C.S. Lewis. Don't get me wrong. I have an entire room of my house that, basically, is dedicated to Eastern Orthodox icons, my family and C.S. Lewis. My son's middle name is "Lewis" and we almost used "Jack" as his first name. I read "The Great Divorce" every year during Lent.
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Video: Group Claiming to be Former Muslims Disrupts Masses Around Nevada

Disturbing stuff from Deacon Greg:

Parishioners are terrified after protesters have disturbed Mass at several Catholic churches across the valley. The group, Koosha Las Vegas, includes members who clearly identify themselves as former Muslims turned Christians. They’ve been entering churches during services, shouting at Catholics that they need to repent now or else, and filming the acts and posting them on the internet.
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The Immaculate Conception: An Explanation for Your Kids and How to Celebrate at Home

Peanut Butter and Grace writes:

What are we actually celebrating when we go to Mass for the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception? (Hint: A lot more than you might think.) Here’s a crash course for your kids, and ideas for how to celebrate the feast. The Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of Mary (December 8) is a holy day of obligation in the United States, which means that practicing Catholics will do their best to get to Mass to celebrate the feast. But why are we celebrating, anyway? A lot of Catholic kids (and adults) don’t actually know, so here’s a little crash course that you can share with your kids in the car on the way to Mass.
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Cornell Bans Mistletoe, Not Inclusive Enough

Madness. Pure madness.

A guide to “inclusive” Christmas decorations created by Cornell University warns that any decorations that remotely evoke religion, which includes stars and mistletoe, are incompatible with the school’s commitment to diversity. The guidelines are buried inside a Cornell publication concerning fire safety guidelines for holiday decorations, and were first noticed by the website Campus Reform. The first half of the document concerns certain banned fire hazards, such as candles and metallic Christmas trees. The second half of the document, though, veers off into a discussion of how to make the Christmas season more “inclusive.”
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Good News. Notre Dame Keeps Theology Curriculum

The Cardinal Newman Society reports:

Following much discussion last year over whether Notre Dame would reduce its theology requirement from two courses to one, the committee in charge of the ten-year core curriculum review has advised that its theology courses are too essential to the University’s Catholic identity to be reduced, according to the draft report released on Monday. “In placing theology at the core of its Catholic liberal arts education, Notre Dame is not merely adding another discipline to the existing educational paradigm. Instead, it embraces a paradigm of the intellectual life that posits the complementarity of faith and reason,” stated the review committee’s initial draft report.
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