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Reconciliation: A Test of Leadership for Sen. Cruz and Rubio

Marjorie Dannenfelser of the SBA List writes:

Sitting in the U.S. Senate right now is a reconciliation bill, already passed by the House, which advances two major conservative priorities: 1. Repealing major portions of Obamacare 2. Re-directing Planned Parenthood’s tax funding to entities that provide real health care to women and don’t abort children & harvest their body parts What is so special about using the reconciliation process to advance these two priorities? The process itself is complicated, but the most important thing to know is this: Reconciliation bills cannot be filibustered.
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Did CBS' The Good Wife Just Make Pro-Lifers Look Good?

The opposite of ABC's Scandal:

Sunday night’s episode of The Good Wife tackled the Center for Medical Progress’ Planned Parenthood videos. And in what may be this week’s Sign of the Apocalypse, I think CBS actually made pro-lifers look pretty good — and abortion supporters rather bad. The episode focused on a pro-abortion lawyer defending a pro-life group that conducted an undercover video sting operation. The lawyer, Diane, fights for release of the videos on the basis of the First Amendment — and in doing so, sees clients abandon her firm and a judge engage in judicial activism.
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Viva Cristo Rey! Remembering Blessed Miguel Pro, S.J. on his Feast Day

Salt and Light TV:

As we near the end of the liturgical year and celebrate the Solemnity of Christ the King, let us remember the life of a young martyred Mexican Jesuit who was deeply devoted to Christ the King: Blessed Miguel Agustin Pro, S.J. (1891-1927). Today, November 23 is his feast day. Born January 13, 1891, at Guadalupe Zacatecas, Mexico, Miguel “Miguelito” Pro was the son of a mining engineer and a pious and charitable mother. From his earliest days, Miguel had a special affinity for the working classes which he kept all of his life. At age 20, he entered the Jesuit novitiate and shortly thereafter was exiled because of the Mexican revolution. He traveled to the United States, Spain, Nicaragua and Belgium, where he was ordained a priest in 1925. Father Pro suffered from chronic stomach ailments and when, after several operations his health did not improve, his Jesuit superiors allowed him to return to Mexico in 1926 despite the horrible religious persecution underway in Mexico.
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Colbert Decides Who's Not a Christian

Hmmm. Wonder why his ratings are so low.

Colbert Accuses GOPers of Being Unchristian on Syrian Refugees Comparable to KKK
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Abortion Reversal Treatment Saves More than 100 Babies

Good news:

A North Carolina doctor has developed a treatment that can reverse chemical abortions, providing an option for women who regret taking the abortion pill. Since Dr. Matthew Harrison developed the Emergency Abortion Pill Reversal Kit, he has saved over 137 babies who were born without any complications, Fox 46’s Bill Melugin reported. Currently, there are 76 pregnant mothers who were able to stay pregnant after using the kit.
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Catholic College Hosts Massive Display for Planned Parenthood


Planned Parenthood’s aggressive targeting of college students is no secret. But it is still disturbing when the abortion business manages to push its way onto traditionally pro-life college campuses. Last week, Saint Mary’s College, a Catholic school in Notre Dame, Indiana, hosted a large pro-Planned Parenthood display on campus. According to the Church Militant, Students for Life had organized a pro-life display exposing Planned Parenthood’s deceptive abortion practices on Oct. 15 at Saint Mary’s; and in response, the college Feminists United Student Group set up a counter-display on Oct. 29.
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Just Wear the Stupid Gym Shorts!!!

Put yourself in their shoes.

Am I the only Mama who feels like 5:00pm – 7:00pm are the worst hours of the day? I mean, what good occurs between 5:00pm – 7:00pm? Nobody likes what we had for dinner. You can smell my cat’s litter box from the driveway. The dishes are teetering over the edge of the sink. I can’t understand my 1st grader’s homework. I’m tired. My girls are tired. Let’s be honest – even the cat’s in a bad mood. And yet… it’s still… not… bedtime.
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Meet 7 Big Businesses Behind the Radical Houston Ballot Measure

The Daily Signal reports:

On Tuesday, the people of Houston will head to the polls to vote on a controversial measure that would create legal protections related to sexual orientation and gender identity, among other categories. The so-dubbed “bathroom bill” has gained national attention, pitting Houston at the center of the latest battle between LGBT and religious liberty advocates. But residents aren’t the only ones having a say in the debate. According to groups supporting the measure, a number of big businesses have gotten behind the ballot initiative, urging voters to say “yes.” Seven of the biggest include:
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St. John Paul II: No Communion for Divorced Who Remarried

CNS News:

John Paul II, who served as Pope from 1978 to 2005 and was canonized a saint in 2014 by Pope Francis, declared in 1981 that the Church “reaffirms her practice” of not allowing divorced and remarried persons to receive Communion because to do so would contradict Church teaching and lead the faithful “into error and confusion” about the “indissolubility of marriage.”
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