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Why Our Babies Aren't Angels

Difficult topic here.

My baby’s not an angel. And I’m glad for it. Almost anyone who has ever lost a child has probably heard it or said it themselves. In the midst of condolences or their own processing of grief, they are told that their child is now an angel. The platitudes are many: You’re now a parent to an angel. They just received their angel wings I have two angel babies in heaven. Now you have your own guardian angel. There is talk of an “angel day”, jewelry with angel wings representing their baby or loved one, sweet poems regarding our new angels in heaven, and even Catholic companies selling items bedecked with winged babies as a memorial for miscarriage or infant loss. “Angel baby” is a common term in the miscarriage/infant loss world for a baby that has died.
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Ann said...

Here is my good Bishop's public response to St. Mary's college: http://www.diocesefwsb.org/Catholic-Identity-Planned-Parenthood-and-the-Gospel-of-Life

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