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Practicing Catholic Synod at Home and In the Parish

Sherry writes:

The Synod is ongoing, but what about the rest of us, in the parishes, in the pews? The pope has returned to Rome and we've had a week of feasting on identifying as Catholic to the world. Now it's time for the work of being Catholic. As a member of the Catholic blogosphere (not an actual cabal or illuminati, it's my own made up name for the mass of Catholics out there blogging about either being Catholic, trying to live Catholic, or learning about Catholicism), the big question we're all left with, is now what? Somehow, in the midst of feeding the homeless, clothing the naked, reading scripture, praying the rosary, standing up for the unborn, instructing the ignorant, and all of that, we've somehow sensed, we've missed something important. So important, there's a Synod on the Family going on, because all this doing has not done what it is supposed to do, create a community, a sense of being each others' brothers and sisters, in Christ, and in reality. Why hasn't that happened?
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