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Point and Laugh. Liberal Matt Damon Blasted for Mansplaining Black Woman About Diversity

Just a bit of schadenfreude for a random Wednesday:

The left’s been wetting its pants over this for the past 24 hours so we can’t be more than a day away from a groveling Damon apology. Let’s get you up to speed so that you can enjoy the blue-on-blue while it lasts. CSM has the background on what they’re chattering about in the clip. Damon and his team are auditioning directors for a movie they’re making as part of their “Project Greenlight” show that features a scene of a black prostitute being slapped by her white pimp. Effie Brown, one of the judges on the show, wants the director to be a minority or a woman (or a team of the two) because she worries that someone who can’t relate to the black character will turn the scene into a cheap bit of exploitative stereotyping. That’s a valid concern, says Damon, but diversity in filmmaking should be about what happens in front of the camera, not behind it. Brown is bowled over. Watch to the end and you’ll find Damon reiterating the point in an interview later: If you let diversity concerns guide your choice of director, he says, “It seems like you would undermine what the competition is supposed to be about, which is about giving somebody this job based entirely on merit.”
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