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The GOP is Overmatched

I hated reading this because it's true.

The only thing we learned from the Planned Parenthood hearing is that these Republicans aren't serious.
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Benham Bros: There's No Threat to Religious Liberty. Just Christian Liberty

They may have a point:

Business entrepreneurs, authors and twin brothers David and Jason Benham said on Friday that the real threat to religious liberty is the threat faced by Christians. When CNSNews.com asked what they felt posed the greatest threat to religious liberty, Jason Benham said, “The first thing that we’re saying is we don’t believe there’s a threat to religious liberty. We think there’s a threat to Christian liberty, because all other religions seem to be fine right now in America.”
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Pelosi Still Claims to Have Not Seen the Planned Parenthood Videos

Intentionally turning her back on truth:

Wait, we though they were heavily edited? Now they’re doctored? Um, whatever. House Minority Leader Nanci Pelosi, D-Calif., questioned the truthfulness of the undercover videos that show Planned Parenthood employees discussing the harvesting and sale of fetal organs, while admitting that she has not watched the videos.
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On Abortion, Medical Science is Still Waiting to be Heard

Phillip Hawley is awesome. The guy's a doctor, a best selling author, and he's off in South America providing coverage to poor people. And he writes articles as brilliant as this.

To understand how the barbaric acts revealed in the recent Planned Parenthood videos could have remained concealed for so long, look no further than the linguistic legerdemain by our country’s highest court, which in its 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling fashioned a scientific and cultural mythology that persists to this day.
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Heh. Cameras catch Obama with ‘horns’ next to pope

Hey, it's a lot closer to reality than those halos the media was always putting on his head.

While President Obama was escorting Pope Francis today, cameras captured something coincidental — or subliminal.
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Planned Parenthood Wants Women to #ShoutMyAbortion. I'd Rather Shout My Son's Life Instead

The Federalist:

Almost ten years ago, I was 19 years old, a freshman at Georgetown University. I was doing the last thing any woman with a bright future in front of her wants to do: sitting in a bathroom stall in the basement of a dorm, staring down, blankly, at a test. Positive. I’d be lying if I said I felt a rush of anything. There wasn’t an immediate slew of thoughts of what I’d lose, nor some surge of maternal happiness you see portrayed in pregnancy test commercials. Just stillness. The beginning of a four-week journey of introspection.
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Steny Hoyer Ends Presser When Asked if Unborn are Human.

"I'm done."

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) refused to say whether he thinks an unborn baby with a human liver and a human heart is a human being. At Hoyer’s weekly press briefing on Capitol Hill on Sept. 16, CNSNews.com asked him: “On the abortion issue, do you think that an unborn baby with a human liver and a human heart is a human being?” “Look, I’m not going to get into the medical questions on that very, very controversial and very tough issue for people. They have to make their determinations,” Hoyer responded.
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Kevin Williamson of NRO Demolishes the NYTimes' Story on Israel

Must read of the day. The sad thing is, this is not atypical.

MEMO FROM: Copy desk TO: New York Times Foreign desk RE: Diaa Hadid for AM international; mark-up attached HEAD: Jewish Man Dies as Rocks Pelt His Car in East Jerusalem [ED: “As rocks pelt his car”? How exactly did the rocks go about doing this? Are these special angry Palestinian rocks that get up off the ground and hurl themselves at Jews? Unless we’re talking about The Rock, in which case he’s going by “Dwayne Johnson” these days, I don’t think a rock is capable of committing an act of violence on its own.]
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Peyton Manning hosts fan with Stage 4 cancer at Broncos' season opener

Dude is awesome:

Despite donning the orange and blue of the Denver Broncos, Peyton Manning remains revered in Indianapolis. Fourteen seasons, 11 playoff berths and one Super Bowl victory will elevate you to near immortality within a fan base that had grown accustomed to losing. But aside from his on-field exploits, Manning endeared himself to the community with his charitable acts off of it. That still holds true regardless of his ZIP code, as Manning's latest act of benevolence was to fly a dying fan out to Denver for the Broncos' Week 1 contest against Baltimore.
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16 Tips To Help You Overcome Problems In Your Prayer Life

Aggie Catholic writes:

All of us have difficulties with prayer and this is normal. Prayer is a relationship and one that takes a lot of work to even get to the point of being decent at it. This is the case for those who are trying for the first time or just trying to take prayer to the next level. If you read the Saints on prayer, all of them have struggled, so why would we think we are any different? In many ways prayer is like any other relationship. Many of us start out basing it, in many ways, on good experiences and emotions. This, as in a romantic relationship, is a good thing, because it helps bring two people closer together. But, real love can only be fostered once we stop relying on emotional highs and great experiences. Once the emotions leave, we must decide to love the other person for their own sake, not what they do for us. Real love is choosing what is best for another regardless of the cost to myself.
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Miracle Baby Born at 23 Weeks is Doing Great

Keep those prayers coming.

A baby who was given just one per cent odds of survival after she was born one week before the abortion limit has defied doctors and is now thriving at eight months old. Kaci-Rose Crathley was born via an emergency caesarean section at 23 weeks, and weighed just 1lb and 2oz - half the weight of a bag of sugar and measured 10.8 inches. Doctors warned the tot’s mother, Sadie, 20, that there was a 99% chance her baby would die during delivery - telling her that they would not have tried to save the baby if she had gone into labour one day earlier. However, Kaci-Rose did survive delivery and now weighs 8lbs - the same as an average newborn baby.
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Point and Laugh. Liberal Matt Damon Blasted for Mansplaining Black Woman About Diversity

Just a bit of schadenfreude for a random Wednesday:

The left’s been wetting its pants over this for the past 24 hours so we can’t be more than a day away from a groveling Damon apology. Let’s get you up to speed so that you can enjoy the blue-on-blue while it lasts. CSM has the background on what they’re chattering about in the clip. Damon and his team are auditioning directors for a movie they’re making as part of their “Project Greenlight” show that features a scene of a black prostitute being slapped by her white pimp. Effie Brown, one of the judges on the show, wants the director to be a minority or a woman (or a team of the two) because she worries that someone who can’t relate to the black character will turn the scene into a cheap bit of exploitative stereotyping. That’s a valid concern, says Damon, but diversity in filmmaking should be about what happens in front of the camera, not behind it. Brown is bowled over. Watch to the end and you’ll find Damon reiterating the point in an interview later: If you let diversity concerns guide your choice of director, he says, “It seems like you would undermine what the competition is supposed to be about, which is about giving somebody this job based entirely on merit.”
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University of California Seeks to Create ‘Right’ to Be ‘Free From Acts and Expressions of Intolerance’

And this "right" would trump actual rights such as free speech.

Just months after the University of California was criticized for its “recognizing microaggressions” handout, the University of California Board of Regents will be considering a policy to make the university system “free from acts and expressions of intolerance.” Eugene Volokh of the Washington Post reports the UC Regents Committee on Education Policy will be meeting to discuss a “statement of principles against intolerance.”
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Prospects for Defunding Planned Parenthood Have Improved

But the problem is that it still takes guts.

For decades, defunding Planned Parenthood has been the Mt. Everest of conservative public-policy ventures. High, serene, and bitterly cold, the abortion giant has repelled all attempts to reduce, much less eliminate, its massive federal funding. Adept at controversy, skilled at revenge, and agile at the margins of the law and beyond, Planned Parenthood has grown in both influence and animus under Republican and Democratic Congresses and presidents alike. No wonder some Republicans are reluctant to leave base camp, as it were, and try to end Planned Parenthood’s funding in the upcoming continuing resolution. A legacy of failed attempts makes their case. But are these GOP leaders of doleful countenance correct, or has Planned Parenthood finally opened a route to the summit? A case can be made that, no matter what the chances of success are in overcoming the sheer indifference of Barack Obama, now is the time for Republicans of all stripes to close ranks and send a message to Planned Parenthood honchos that their salad days are over. The video showing a nonchalant Planned Parenthood doctor sipping wine and chatting up the best way to crush an unborn child’s abdomen has gone viral for a reason — it is appalling. And, as subsequent videos from the Center for Medical Progress have shown, it is Planned Parenthood to a tee. Grasping, arrogant, indifferent.
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Taylor Swift: A Socratic Dialogue

Funny stuff here.

TAYLOR SWIFT: Tell me, Socrates, must the player always play, play, play? SOCRATES: Well, that depends on what it is to be a player and what it means to play. Could you be more specific? SWIFT: I’m thinking of the dirty, dirty cheats of the world. Those about whom so many get down and out while they could be getting down to sick beats. Alcibiades, for example, abandoned Athens and sought refuge in Sparta, then left Sparta for Persia before finally returning to Athens, leaving an inter-imperial trail of broken hearts. SOCRATES: Yes, I see. Alcibiades is, in fact, a player who will play, play, play. SWIFT: Yes, very much so. SOCRATES: But must he? That is the question at hand.
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Please Don't Say These 6 Things at my Funeral

Chad Bird writes at ChurchPop:

There will come a day, perhaps sooner, perhaps later, when the man in the coffin will be me. They say the dead don’t care, but I’m not dead yet, so as long as I’m still alive, I’d like to have some say in what goes on at my funeral. And, truth be told, I think the dead do care. Not that they will be privy to the details of what happens at their own funerals, but they still care about the world, about their family, about the church. The saints in heaven continue to pray for those who are still on their earthly pilgrimage, so how could they not care about them? Because I do care now, and will care even after I’m with the Lord, here are some things I hope and pray are not said at my funeral. I care about those who will be there, about what they will hear. I want the truth to be spoken, the truth about sin, the truth about death, and, above all, the truth about the love of God in Jesus Christ.
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Bigoted Progressives are Hollywood's Newest Niche Market

Read this. It's scary.

Lately I’ve had the idea of essays pairing Hollywood movies with scholarly works I am reading: American Sniper, say, with the classic book On Killing, for example. By some strange coincidence I walked out of a showing of Kingsman just days after completing sociologists George Yancey and David A. Williamson’s new book, So Many Christians, So Few Lions: Is There Christianophobia in the United States?
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The Unintionally Hilarious "I'm Christian But..." Buzzfeed Story

Mollie Hemingway tears it up:

This weekend, BuzzFeed posted a video called “I’m Christian, But I’m Not…,” in which five women and one man said they were Christians but they weren’t, you know, like all the other men and women who are Christians. They cheerfully reminded God and others that they weren’t homophobic or closeminded, or uneducated, or judgmental, or placing themselves on pedestals. Featured respondents proudly announced they fasted twice a week were “queer” or “feminist!” or listened to Beyonce. One said she wished people knew that “Just because we prescribe [sic] to a faith that has some really terrible people in it doesn’t make all of us terrible,” followed by someone saying that “love is the most important thing.”
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The Inspiring Story of the Founder of Faith and Light

Marie-Helen Mathieu: A Life Devoted to the Intellectually Disabled

Forty-five years ago, a family with two severely disabled sons could not find a group willing to let them join in a pilgrimage to Lourdes, France. Undaunted, the parents of Thaddee and Loic decided to go themselves, but the only hotel that would take them, insisted they only eat in their rooms so as to not disturb the other patrons. Several staff and guest remarked that the trip would not mean anything to the two boys; that the whole endeavor was a waste.
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Father’s love for gay son key to conversion

The Catholic Spirit reports:

Richard G. Evans remembers the day he told his father he was gay. The conversation took place in the driveway of Donald Evans’ home in Princeton in August 1992. It was on a Saturday during a weekend-long family reunion. Donald’s youngest child had summoned the courage to say something Donald had suspected for a while. “I was nervous telling him, even though I was 36 years old at the time,” Richard said. “He was actually tinkering on the car, and that’s a good time to catch him because he loved doing mechanics. So, I shared with him that I had same-sex attraction.” What happened next changed the course of Richard’s life. Bracing himself for possible disapproval, especially after his coming out led to a divorce from his wife a month earlier, he got something else instead.
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You've Got to Check Out This Media Malpractice

The Federalist nails it. "Kentucky Clerk Didn’t Follow Christianity Before Converting To It"

Yesterday the media were ecumenical in their ignorance, first completely messing up a story about some papal declaration. Leaving aside the complex particularities of Roman Catholic limitations on what can and can’t be forgiven by priests (as opposed to bishops), the general point of all Christianity is forgiveness for our sins. And it’s not some newfangled thing. We’ve been preaching the forgiveness of sins in Christ Jesus for, what, 2000 years? Or check out this doozie:
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