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Kid Adventures: “He’s Drinking Ibuprofen Like It’s A Juice Box”

Mary Shay writes:

Before I had kids I thought problems were black and white. Right and wrong. And in most situations I thought I was right. I had my 2 boys (4 years old and 17 months) to myself as Pat was traveling. My little guy fell and cut his hand at the playground so when we got home I cleaned it out. This was my workout for the day: holding him steady through the Triple Lindy he performed to get out of my arms while I ran the washcloth over his small wound. That was BEFORE the neosporin came out. I’ve always imagined that Olympic sprinters’ mothers knew they had winners from an early age. To see my little dude bolt out of the bathroom like the gold medal was on the line made me hopeful for future glories. But today, I was more concerned about infection.
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