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Christianity on the Rise in Cuba

Pope Francis is on his way.

Christian Today reported earlier this month that Cuba has seen a “Bible boom” over the last few months. In fact, almost 83,000 copies of the Bible entered the country through the International Missions board last month, according to Christian Today. Similarly, The American Bible Society, which started the “Million Bible Mission” last year to spread Bibles across the world, gave about 60,000 Bibles to Cuba in 2014, according to Christian Today. "With a population of 11 million, a literacy rate of nearly 100 percent and an unprecedented growth in Christianity thanks to social, economic and political reforms, many Cubans are seeking guidance and hope found in God's Word," the American Bible Society said in a statement. "As a result of this unprecedented spiritual and cultural shift, demand for Bibles has outpaced supply. In addition, many Cubans cannot afford to import high-quality Bibles." Part of the surge may be because Cuba lifted its Bible ban back in May, according to Charisma News. The ban, which started 50 years ago, kept Bibles from bookshelves and only allowed them in churches, Charisma News reported.
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