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Sherry on Planned Parenthood Vid: A Call to Others


There's a new Planned Parenthood video, even more telling than the last. But I posted my piece on Saturday (a low traffic day normally) and in light of this new expose, it's even more important that these people receive our earnest prayers. Dr. Mary Gatter, Planned Parenthood Federation of America's Medical Directors' Council President wants a Lamborghini. All I can think is, "But for Wales." So I'm relinking to my Saturday piece, Prayers and Fasting in hopes of getting more people to publicly adopt a specific abortionist they will pray and fast for over the course of the next year. It is not shocking that people sell other people for money, or parts for money. We do this as a culture without thinking about it. We sell human eggs, we sell sperm. We sell wombs. We sell porn (selling the outside while destroying the inside). What we don't do is sell pieces...of people. Except here, we do. Why? Because they've convinced themselves, these children are not people.
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Mary De Voe said...

"...because they have convinced themselves that these children are not people."...exactly. DNA, life itself, the truth of the newly begotten constituting, the nation, the legal and moral innocence of the newly begotten as the standard of Justice for, and the compelling interest of the state in preserving and protecting the innocence and virginity of new life, hatred for and jealousy of innocence and virginity, atheism on the march, hatred of God. "CRUCIFY HIM, CRUCIFY HIM".

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