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How about some Mommy awards?

It is craven, self serving and proof sin (in this case the desire to be admired) makes you stupid, but there should be some sort of annual Mommy Awards. Mommy Awards aren't for "best mom," because that spot's already taken by my own mother. The Mommies are for doing what no one else will do, the unreasonable, the impossible, and the obnoxious. We as moms, do not get the praise we deserve. One day out of three hundred and sixty-five does not cut it. Besides, that day we get flowers and breakfast in bed for BEING, not for what we've done. These are MERIT based trophies, designed to call attention to the winner, for having the fortitude to endure the call of motherhood. As with any award ceremony, there are many categories in which one might be nominated.
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