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Robert George: Michael Winters of NCR Guilty of "Malicious Dishonesty"


Michael Winters of the National Catholic Reporter continues to burnish his well-earned reputation for malicious dishonesty. Winters accuses me of "attempting to co-opt the Church’s teaching authority for crass political ends." His evidence? "All five of [Robert George's] non-negotiables [abortion, embryo destructive research, redefining marriage, euthanasia, and human cloning] align with positions articulated by today’s socially conservative Republican Party." If you've had even an introductory level course in logic you immediately perceived the fallacious inference--the non sequitur. He has offered no evidence whatsoever to show that I chose these issues or stress their importance because they line up with Republican Party positions. The truth is that I support the Republican Party (and left the Democratic Party) because of the Republicans' pro-life stance. Winters' suggestion that I chose or stress the issues because that helps the Republicans is the very reverse of the truth. And he knows it.
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Jim said...


Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Winters is nothing but an ideological whore. People should have known that ever since he accused Sarah Palin of being an "apostate" for attending a Pentecostal church after being baptized as a Catholic -- despite the fact that her parents started attending that church when she was a young child. I don't know how many children can elucidate cogent arguments concerning Pentecostal and Catholic theology, do you?

The fact that the National Catholic Reporter still publishes this bastard show that it's nothing but an ideological whore, as well.

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