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Don’t Buy the Same-Sex Marriage Tidal Wave Illusion

Cathy Ruse reminds us that the people didn't choose this.

If same-sex marriage comes to America, it will not be because Americans asked for it. In the last 15 years the question was put to the people in nearly every state of the union. Even in liberal states like California, even on ballots in purely democratic primaries, the people voted overwhelmingly to keep the definition of marriage unchanged. Gay activists were confident going into many of these contests because the polls promised them big wins. Yet when people stepped into the ballot box, man-woman marriage won. Polls are one thing. Polling places are another.
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Mary De Voe said...

Sodomy is sodomy. Sodomy is not sexual intercourse. Only sexual intercourse consummates marriage. the gay agenda is asking the Court to redefine sodomy as sexual intercourse. While sodomy may be called foreplay, sodomy is NOT sexual intercourse. Many sodomites believe that sodomy is sexual intercourse.

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