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Appeals courts shoot down Catholic groups in contraception mandate cases

It ain't over until the left wins.

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Mary De Voe said...

"substantial burden on religion", "involuntary servitude" both of these predicaments are created by the Courts. The First Amendment reads: "or prohibit the free exercise thereof"
The private citizen or the private institution gets to decide what burdens them or not, or what enslaves them in the free pursuit of Happiness, in fulfilling their destiny and being who they are created to be. The government does not own the individual person or the institution. Passing regulations does not constitute ownership. Depriving the establishment of the owners' and creators' intrinsic principles redefines entrepreneurship and enterprise. Can government remain free, while enslaving its constituents?

Mary De Voe said...

The HHS Mandate was added AFTER Congress passed the Affordable Care Act. This alone makes the HHS Mandate unconstitutional. The HHS mandate was added behind closed doors and never voted on by the people, the voice of the people, Congress. Obama knew the people would not stand still to be ripped off and swindled like this. Swindle the people and make them struggle for freedom. An unconstitutional imposition of a state religion to worship Satan through fornication and abortion.

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