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Mandatory spacing of children: could it happen here?

Yes. Phil Lawler explains how it will.

In Myanmar, the government will now require women to space births at least 36 months apart. (It remains to be seen how this requirement will be enforced; a UN rapporteur foresees serious human-rights problems.) This sort of blatant government interference in family affairs could never happen in the US, right? Right? Now that Uncle Sam can set standards for what qualifies as proper medical care, and determine what costs must be covered under health-insurance plans, there is a clear temptation to micro-manage. Is it too far-fetched to imagine a future in which government officials declare that spacing children is “best practice,” and insurance policies should not compensate women for doing otherwise?
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Abortionist: "A Fetus is Nothing"

Compares abortionists favorably to heart surgeons:

Pro-lifers know that abortions are sad and brutal procedures where babies are killed and women scarred for life. The abortionists who perform these procedures are sometimes challenged by stigma, pro-life pressures, and the grisliness of procedures, while some seem to be in it for the money.
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Bishop Dewane: Families Have ‘Right to Know’ Which Theology Professors Have Mandatum

And make their decision based on which colleges offer faithful Catholic education:

If a Catholic college cannot assure that its theology professors are imparting the truths of the faith, then families should look to more faithful Catholic institutions, suggested Bishop Frank Dewane of Venice, Fla., in an interview with The Cardinal Newman Society. Sound theology is the heart of Catholic higher education; it helps students direct their learning, explore the beauty of the faith and better understand their relationship with God and the Church. Therefore the Church provides the academic mandatum, an acknowledgment by the local bishop of a “professor’s commitment and responsibility to teach authentic Catholic doctrine and to refrain from putting forth as Catholic teaching anything contrary to the Church’s magisterium,” according to the U.S. bishops’ guidelines.
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Marine court-martialed for refusing to remove Bible verse

Todd Starnes reports:

A United States Marine was convicted at a court-martial for refusing to remove a Bible verse on her computer – a verse of Scripture the military determined “could easily be seen as contrary to good order and discipline.” The plight of Lance Corporal Monifa Sterling seems unbelievable – a member of the Armed Forces criminally prosecuted for displaying a slightly altered passage of Scripture from the Old Testament: “No weapon formed against me shall prosper.”
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I Had a Transgender Parent. Unlike Obama, I Don’t Think Transgender Parents Should Be Able to Adopt.

She differs from the cultural narrative! Get her!

Should transgender parents be able to adopt? In April, President Obama made it clear he thinks they do. In a presidential proclamation for National Foster Care Month, Obama wrote, “With so many children waiting for loving homes, it is important to ensure all qualified caregivers have the opportunity to serve as foster or adoptive parents, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status.” (Emphasis mine.) The proclamation relates Obama’s latest thoughts on what’s best for LBGT adults. But what’s best for children?
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Appeals courts shoot down Catholic groups in contraception mandate cases

It ain't over until the left wins.

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For Robert Downey Jr., Forgiveness Transcends Mistakes

The quick jump to assuming racism would be hilarious if it wasn't so sad.

Would you rather live in Robert Downey Jr.’s world of ‘do unto others as you’d have them to do you,’ or The New Yorker’s, where any weakness is an excuse to write people off forever? In a recent piece for The New Yorker, critic Richard Brody purports to offer “Advice for Robert Downey Jr.” I honestly couldn’t make it past the second paragraph without letting my eyes wander off the page in a heady fog of annoyance and bewilderment:
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Archdiocese Explains Removal of Seton Hall Campus Minister, Seeks ‘Accountability’

The Cardinal Newman Society reports:

A Catholic priest’s support for a campaign that advocates the redefinition of marriage was not the direct reason for his removal as campus minister at Seton Hall University, despite his claim to the contrary and subsequent media reports, the Archdiocese of Newark told The Cardinal Newman Society in a statement yesterday. The incident did, however, cause the Archdiocese to reconsider the position description for Seton Hall’s campus ministry director and to clarify the director’s “accountability to the University and to the Archbishop,” the Archdiocese said. It described plans to assign a new director of campus ministry as an “important opportunity to undertake that clarification.”
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1,773,000: Homeschooled Children Up 61.8% in 10 Years

It's a trend.

In the ten-year period from 2003 to 2012, the number of American children 5 through 17 years old who were being homeschooled by their parents climbed by 61.8 percent, according to newly released data from the U.S. Department of Education. At the same time, the percentage of all U.S. students in the 5-through-17 age group who were homeschooled increased from 2.2 percent to 3.4 percent.
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Top German Lay Catholic Group Pushes Communion for Civilly Divorced-Remarried and More

The great Edward Pentin reports some disturbing news:

A public dispute has broken out between Germany’s top lay Catholic organization and a German bishop, after the organization issued a statement calling for a raft of new pastoral practices, which the bishop and other critics say are opposed to Church doctrine. The Zentralkomitee der deutschen Katholiken (Central Committee of the German Catholics, or ZdK) issued a statement Sunday calling for the admittance of civilly remarried divorcees to holy Communion, acceptance of all forms of cohabitation, the blessing of same-sex couples and the reconsideration of the Church’s teaching on contraception.
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‘Hi, We’re Lesbian Feminists and We’re Here to Talk to Your Daughter About Sex’

Some pretty adult stuff in this one. The Other McCain reports:

Carmen Rios (@c_rios) is a “raging lesbian feminist” who is (a) communications coordinator for the Feminist Majority Foundation, and (b) a columnist for the lesbian blog Autostraddle.
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Catholic College to Honor Leader of Pro-Abortion Groups Amid Protest of Cardinal Dolan

Students silent about honoring abortion supporter but livid about honoring a Cardinal. Awesome.

The Cardinal Newman Society has discovered that the Jesuit Le Moyne College in Syracuse, N.Y., will honor at Sunday’s commencement ceremony—alongside Cardinal Timothy Dolan of the Archdiocese of New York—human rights activist Lois Whitman, who works for a pro-abortion group and serves on the boards of two pro-abortion organizations.
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Finally: Austria Unveils ‘Gay and Straight’ Traffic Lights

This is just so silly. Do gay people cross the street differently than straight people? I guess they go the other way? Ha. But seriously...

Some Vienna pedestrian traffic lights are suddenly not only red or green. They’re also gay or straight. And Austria’s right-wing Freedom Party is livid. Over the past few days, the city started setting up lights at pedestrian crossings that show pairs of figures instead of the usual stick men. Some depict a man and a woman. Others, two women. Still others, two men. All couples are complete with hearts.
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"Come back...Come back..."

A beautiful piece by Heather King at Word on Fire.

Recently a reader sent a link to a piece by a disgruntled lapsed Catholic who was marching about fuming that no mere Pope Francis would induce him to re-join the Church. " 'God is love, God is love,'" he groused. That's the namby-pamby message I hear. I want something challenging. I want to hear about sacrifice. He approvingly quoted Flannery O'Connor: "They think faith is a big electric blanket, when of course it is the cross." This guy so does not get what Flannery, with her huge sense of humor, and profound love of Christ, got from Day One: the Church IS the Cross. If you want to be challenged (and ridiculed, and marginalized, and scorned), do major penance and sacrifice, and die to every idea you've ever had about who you are, who God is, and what religion is, become a member of the Catholic church.
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Denzel Washington to College Grads: 'Put God First'

Good news:

In delivering the commencement speech at Dillard University on Sunday, Academy Award-winning actor Denzel Washington told the college graduates to "put God first" in everything they do, adding that everything he has accomplished in this life was due to "the grace of God."
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Motherhood will break your heart and mold it into something more

Word to the mother.

Happy Mother’s Day! I dislike the commercialization of holidays and Mother’s Day is no exception. The images show happy smiling children and perfect looking mothers sitting in well-appointed chairs, reading Hallmark cards and sipping lemonade. Life On Purpose badgeWhen my kids were growing up, my house was always a mess and my kids were loved but disheveled. My husband often forgot to get me flowers because he was working on a project in the yard.
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Dr. Alveda King: My Angry Mother Chose Life


My mother was not only angry in 1950, she was pregnant and scared; seeking a D&C. Thank God my Granddaddy Dr. Martin Luther King, Sr. had seen me in a dream in 1947; and he was looking and waiting for me. Granddaddy and Daddy promised to help Mother through that first unexpected pregnancy. I was born to A. D. and Naomi Ruth Barber King on January 22, 1951. Over the years, Mother recovered from her anger, finding grace in Jesus Christ. If my family had followed the abortion friendly path prescribed below, I and my siblings may never have been born.
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Naked Final Exam at UC San Diego

Let's all keep giving these institutions $50k a year.

Arriving naked at a final exam is one of the most common nightmares for students, according to Psychology Today. At the University of California San Diego, however, the naked final exam is a requirement for a class in the visual arts department. Students are required to perform “a gesture that traces, outlines or speaks about your ‘erotic self(s),'” according to the course syllabus. In the performance, all of the students are naked, along with the professor, Roberto Dominguez, who has taught the class for 11 years.
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Fidenzio Volpi is Alive, Francisco Franco is Still Dead

Some good observations about the nastiness of the official FFI response. I have my suspicions who wrote it.

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Professor fails student because she won’t denounce Christian faith and morality

If it happened in a movie you wouldn't believe it. But it's happening in real life. Believe it.

A sixteen-year-old, dual-enrolled student, “G.L.,” is the subject of religious intolerance by humanities professor Lance "L.J." Russum at Polk State College in Lakeland, Florida. Liberty Counsel has asked the dean to investigate the professor and his curriculum. G.L. and her parents reached out to Liberty Counsel when Russum gave her four (4) straight zeros because she refused to conform to his personal worldviews of Marxism, Atheism, Feminism, and homosexuality. Professor Russum expressed blatant and pervasive anti-Christian bias throughout the class, such as the following essay question: “Why did Christianity, and its male gods, seek to silence these women [the nuns]?”
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Dreher: "Ours is a post-Christian society moving towards an anti-Christian one"

Excellent piece:

Any churches that remain faithful to clear Biblical teaching about sexuality — gay or straight — and on the meaning of marriage and the human person, will be increasingly anathematized in this country. And those that compromise will, in time, fade to nothingness, as the ongoing unwinding of the Mainline Protestant churches demonstrates.
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If You Want to Shrink Your Church, Follow Liberals' Advice

Follow the progressive agenda until you disappear:

This past weekend, noted progressive-Christian writer Rachel Held Evans published a widely shared and widely read piece in the Washington Post decrying the Evangelical church’s shallow attempts to appeal to Millennials by trying to make church “cool.” Ms. Evans critiques hashtag campaigns, young-adult groups with names like “Prime” and “Vertical,” and concert-style worship services. She mocks talk of “market share” and “branding,” and in so doing sounds every bit as traditionalist as those who despise the praise choruses of the typical Evangelical megachurch and long for the simple “old-time religion” of their grandparents.
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Pro-life Activist: In 35 Years of China’s One-Child Policy, 360 to 400 Million Babies Aborted

No biggie, right?

A Chinese attorney who escaped house arrest in his home country for his efforts to protect women from forced abortion for violating the government’s one-child policy said on Thursday that in the 35 years since the practice hundreds of millions of babies have been killed. “Over the past 35 years, China has killed a total of 360 to 400 million young lives as a result of its inhumane and violent birth control policies,” Chen Guangcheng, now senior fellow at Catholic University of America said at a hearing of the Congressional Executive Commission on China.
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Nothing Brings Leftists and Luciferians Together Like Killing the Unborn

The great unifier - abortion.

Over at Slate, Amanda Marcotte thinks it’s absolutely hilarious that Satanists are challenging abortion restrictions on religious liberty grounds, seeking to expand abortion access. She argues this somehow makes conservative use of religious liberty laws “a little more complicated.” Responding to a Satanic Temple demand that an abortion clinic grant a religious exemption from the state-mandated waiting period,
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Well that simplifies things, Rick.

Rick Santorum on Bruce Jenner: “If he says he’s a woman, then he’s a woman”

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