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Pope Rejects "So Called Gender Theory"

Something tells me this statement won't be popular with the media:

Pope Francis criticized "so-called gender theory" today and reaffirmed that marriage is the union of a man and a woman and was created so by God. "For instance," said the pope, "I wonder, for example, if the so-called gender theory is not also an expression of a frustration and of a resignation, which aims to cancel the sexual difference because it no longer knows how to address it. Yes, we risk taking a step backward. "The removal of the difference, in fact, is the problem, not the solution," the pope said. "To resolve their problems of relation, man and woman must instead talk more to one another, listen more to one another, know one another more, love one another more. They must relate to one another with respect and cooperate with friendship. With these human bases, sustained by the grace of God, it is possible to plan the matrimonial and family union for the whole of life.
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Elizabeth said...

Remarkable. The Pope was having a Catholic moment, apparently.

sd said...

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