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Judge Grants Habeus Corpus to Chimps

In a world without God, the distinction between animals and humans seems not all that great:

Last year we discussed the sad news that Tommy the chimp had been turned away in an appellate branch of the New York State Supreme Court, having been told that he’s not a human being and is not entitled to the same rights and privileges of his homo sapien cousins. But if Tommy has any decent wifi access in his enclosure he may be cheering up a bit this morning after learning that two of his buddies have been granted legal rights in a different court. Yes, you heard that correctly. A Manhattan Supreme Court Justice has granted a write of habeas corpus to two chimpanzees.
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Mary De Voe said...

Now we will have to pay for having the chimps offspring aborted. The chimp can write music for the judge.

TomE said...

Well given that they're proficient in firearms, Mary, let's hope ISIS doesn't recruit em by waving that "72 virgins" carrot in front of them in the hereafter.

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