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French Prime Minister: Attending Mass "Most Beautiful" Response to Terror Threat

Sad when you have to look to the French Prime Minister for having Christianity's back while President "The Crusades" Obama seems to have nothing but disdain.

It’s not the kind of sentiment one would expect to hear from the leader of a nation that prides itself on its history of secularism. But in the wake of a thwarted terrorist attack on churches in France this past weekend, Prime Minister Manuel Valls was clear: attending Mass is “the most beautiful and strongest" answer to terrorism. Valls spoke to reporters while standing next to Bishop Michel Santier of Creteil, the diocese south of Paris where one or more churches were allegedly in the crosshairs of a 24-year-old Algerian national. The plot, foiled when the student accidentally shot himself and called for an ambulance, was, according to Valls, the fifth terrorist attack authorites thwarted since the Charlie Hebdo attack in January.
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