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Archbishop Lori: SCOTUS Has ‘No Business Redefining Marriage'

Hey, that hasn't stopped them before.

Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore, chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Ad Hoc Committee on Religious Liberty, said that people should hope and pray “that the Supreme Court will recognize that they have no business redefining marriage” in the upcoming same sex “marriage” case, adding that if marriage is redefined “it raises enormous religious freedom issues.”
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Mary De Voe said...

SCOTUS redefined the human being in Roe v. Wade when it ignored the truth about the newly begotten human being having been simultaneously infused with an immortal human soul at fertilization. An human being with free will, intellect, and sovereign personhood. Life is of the immortal human soul. Without the immortal human soul there is no life and therefore no need for Roe v. Wade. Without the acknowledgement of sovereign personhood, his life, the sovereign person becomes a beast of burden to the state. The state manipulates the human flesh for its own very sick and disturbed reasons, including profit and taxation to its demands. Tyranny over the mind of man and now his immortal human soul. Thomas Jefferson wrote his eternal hostility to every tyranny over the mind of man.
Redefining the informed consent of the covenant of matrimony again, denies the immortal human soul leaving human flesh to its own demise. It is taxation without representation to redefine the taxpayers as having no immortal human soul with all the Commandments and truths attached.For the SCOTUS to redefine marriage is disenfranchisement of every human being in creation from our founding fathers; from Adam and Eve; to our constitutional posterity, all future generations who have to be brought into our public square to vote. This is not tyranny. This is the Great Liar being brought into our public square as a truth teller. If the SCOTUS flimflams the population, it deserves no compensation. Put it on the ballot along with prayer in the public square and the lives of our constitutional posterity being murdered in the womb. "We, the people" constitute the government and "We, the people" demand the truth.

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