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5 Possible Theories that Explain the Resurrection of Jesus

The brilliant Peter Kreeft explains them all:

Christ's resurrection can be proved with at least as much certainty as any universally believed and well-documented event in ancient history. To prove this, we do not need to presuppose anything controversial (e.g. that miracles happen). But the skeptic must also not presuppose anything (e.g. that they do not). We do not need to presuppose that the New Testament is infallible, or divinely inspired or even true. We do not need to presuppose that there really was an empty tomb or post-resurrection appearances, as recorded. We need to presuppose only two things, both of which are hard data, empirical data, which no one denies: The existence of the New Testament texts as we have them, and the existence (but not necessarily the truth) of the Christian religion as we find it today. javascript:void(0); The question is this: Which theory about what really happened in Jerusalem on that first Easter Sunday can account for the data? There are five possible theories: Christianity, hallucination, myth, conspiracy, and swoon.
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Mary De Voe said...

Death is the wages of sin. Jesus was an innocent man. Obedience to the Holy Spirit in Sacred Scripture as already mentioned. So, too, Our Blessed Mother was sinless and therefore, uncorrupt. Our Lady was assumed into heaven while Jesus ascended into heaven. Mary was taken to heaven while Jesus rose from the dead and again from the earth to be with His Father.

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