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NLRB Rules against Seattle U., Claims Lack of Catholic Identity in Faculty Responsibilities


The Seattle office of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has ruled that Seattle University cannot claim a religious exemption from the board’s oversight because no evidence was found that individual faculty members are responsible for furthering the University’s Catholic mission. “If a Catholic college wants to be faithfully Catholic and doesn’t want the NLRB at its doorstep, it should require that its professors support Catholic teaching in word and deed,” said Patrick Reilly, president of The Cardinal Newman Society. “The Church requires that professors ‘exhibit not only academic competence and good character but also respect for Catholic doctrine.’ If only Catholic colleges would do this for the right reasons, and not because of the unconstitutional interference of a federal agency!”
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Proteios1 said...

what a wonderful call to action. purge the 'in name only' Catholic schools, hospitals etc. so my donations can go to the ones that actually are Catholic. The only way to rebuild after our BEATING in the culture wars is to focus and concentrate on those elements of the faith, institutions and people who are faithful, purge the rest and rebuild.

Mary De Voe said...

How does the secular NLRB judge the consciences of any other person, especially since the government no longer recognizes or acknowledges the conscience of the human soul. Truly tyranny is imposition of ignorance.

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