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Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy Embarrasses Himself With Anti-Religious Freedom Tantrum

The left comes full circle. Or maybe they never left.

The frenzied outpouring of disproportionate outrage from the left over Indiana’s state-level version of the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act can be best described as a tantrum.
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Mary De Voe said...

If heterosexual people choose to love God and their neighbor as themselves, the Constitution says that government may not "prohibit the free exercise thereof" So, here the government is saying that it is not going "to prohibit the free exercise thereof" and the small minded tyrants run amok. Their prey is being taken away and given freedom to love God and their neighbor as themselves. Most heterosexual business owners do not demand gay wedding cakes or flower or photos.
Now, the poor Democratic Party that refused to allow God onto their Democratic National Convention must deal on a national level with citizens who are free to practice their religious exercise in spite of the gay agenda. Subjugation of the moral man wrenched from the hands of demi-gods and megalomaniacs.

Anonymous said...

Mary, you comment makes no sense. You deliberately exclude homosexual people who choose to love god and their neighbor as themselves. It seems you like to generalize people to maintain a demonization. It's odd that people don't realize that public accommodations are public. If the bakers, potographers, and florists have "compelling moral issues" with same-sex marriages, then they should also have issues with divorced and remarried people. They don't. Anyway, what happens to Mormon polygamy? Isn't that a strong religious belief for that group, yet it was banned.

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