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Catholic school requires pre-approval of prom dresses, world melts down

Yeah, the school is waaaaay off on this because girls today always wear appropriate attire. They should be applauded. Instead...

Every once in a while, local news will report on an outraged student and parents who get booted from a public school dance because of inappropriate attire, with general clucking of tongues about either the appalling taste shown or the trauma of a ruined teenage experience. One Catholic school tried to head off the problem by requiring its young women to submit pictures to the school ahead of time for pre-approval of prom dresses — and discovered that the clucking of tongues simply can’t be avoided. Delone Catholic High School finds itself at the center of controversy in Pennsylvania, with some parents accusing it of unfairness, while others want more enforcement of standards.
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Mary De Voe said...

Giving out the Holy Eucharist in a dress? waaay above the thighs. She, yes, she is a school teacher, a Catholic school teacher. Is checking the prom dresses out going to help at all?

C. LaSalle said...

I watched two US programs where young women participating in 'coming out balls' had to have their dresses pre-approved before being able to attend the event.

What's the difference here?

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