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Catholic School Removes Teacher for Defending the Faith

Upside down world.

Chesterton once wrote that “War is not the best way of settling differences—but it is the only way of preventing them from being settled for you.” If the Catholic Church is to continue to teach the timeless truths about the dignity of all human persons from conception to natural death, and the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman, the Church needs to begin to seriously engage in the war that has already been declared against her by those who wish to destroy these teachings.
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Mary De Voe said...

Do not hold hands with an individual being electrocuted.
"If the hearts fit the parts fit." NO, the parts will never fit. A lie is perjury in a court of law.
It is not that political correctness is zeitgeist. It is that political correctness is a swindle, a lie, a perjury, an untruth and no less than taxation without representation, an imposition of slavery and totalitarianism. Pope Benedict said that people are entitled to the truth of Jesus Christ.
Christ was celibate because Jesus Christ is our brother. To take a wife of a sister is incest. For priests to marry is spiritual incest. For a man who assumes the vows to be father to all of his parishioners, marriage is incest for "Father".
Immaculata in Somerville, N.J. needs to point to something that is non-Catholic in Mrs. Jannuzzi's facebook page. On her own time, Mrs. Jannuzzi has freedom of speech to speak the truth and not even the Pope can disallow her freedom.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how people defend this woman so strongly! She has every right to an opinion but her opinion does not align with Catholic teaching. In the post and in past comments, Jannuzzi asserted that having same-sex attractions is a choice.....not in the Catechism at all. Additionally, her militant rants against people with same-sex attractions goes against everything the Catholic Church teaches. Rallying against same sex marriage is one thing. Using a professional position and facebook to influence, condemn and insult others is another.

Mary De Voe said...

cfe28a78-7a0e-11e3-b4f9-000bcdcb471e said..."Rallying against same sex marriage is one thing"
Rallying against same sex marriage is the only thing. Ignoring the same-sex partner's immortal human soul, a rational human soul, is non-Catholic. Sodomy is spiritual homicide.

Anonymous said...

Mary, for some reason my username does not register well on this site. Anyhow, you completely ignored her failure to uphold Catholic teaching! Additionally, your job is to worry about yourself, your own spiritual growth and assist others if they ask. You are not required to preach to people who are "killing their souls". Homosexuality is not spiritual suicide. It is actually very beautiful. It is unfortunate that people such as yourself cannot see that.

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