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Ace is Done with the GOP

Who isn't?

Allah keeps chortling, saying, "No you guys will be back," but I don't think he understands. Something has changed. No, we won't be back. Not in the way he means it. If AllahPundit means that I, for example, will still prefer a more conservative president over a less conservative one, sure, of course, but then, Communists preferred the more liberal Bill Clinton over the less liberal George Bush, without actually supporting the Democratic Party with anything stronger than a velleity.
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Simon said...

It’s just unbearably immature. The next President of the United States will be the nominee of either the Democratic Party or the Republican Party. Period. And we know that the Democrats will nominate someone who is, by our lights, committed to making America worse. If, like me, you would rather not be complicit in putting that person in the White House, the other option is to work to elect the Republican nominee; pouting and lower-sixth whimpering that “’s’not fair, sir!” puts one rather in mind of the T-shirt that proclaims “Obey gravity--it’s the law!” Maybe you don’t like gravity; maybe you think gravity is really unfair; maybe you think we could do better than gravity. But gravity doesn’t care.

And over the long haul, think about this: If you have a 40-10-40 country with two parties competing for right-of-center votes and one party which can get all the left-of-center votes, what do you call that situation? H E G E M O N Y.

Florentius said...

Actually, I think a Catholic/Christian party that can regularly command 15-20% of the vote would be unbelievably useful. Both the Dems and Republicans would be forced to court such a party. It may not even have to run candidates in most elections--just a few where it could win--and then give endorsements in national elections. It would give us a lever to influence the political system way beyond our numbers.

Simon said...

You can't have a Catholic party. It doesn't work; political parties have to take positions on issues on which the Church has no teaching, which means that you either have a platform that is so vague and abstract as to be meaningless or you have a platform that usurps the consciences of individuals. As Justice Scalia once put it, "there isn't a 'Catholic' way to cook a hamburger."

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