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The State Dept is Saying They Think You're Too Dumb

Marie Harf: My comment about ISIS needing jobs was ‘too nuanced’ for you boors.

This is precisely how any organization would hope their spokesperson might respond when entangled in a controversy of their own making: Doubling down and petulantly insisting that your many critics are idiots. On Monday, Harf was the subject of criticism after she claimed that the only real way to neutralize the danger posed by a messianic death cult that threatens to erode the foundations of Westphalian sovereignty is to provide them all with good paying jobs. Allahpundit pondered whether Harf was articulating administration policy that is aimed at absolving the White House of fault when they inevitably fail to address the ISIS threat comprehensively:
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tuleesh said...

Yes, that's the ticket. Jobs 4 Jihadis.
How un-"nuanced" of me not to pick up on it.

Proteios1 said...

I don't speak 'nuance'.
I like my state dept speeches like I like my Papal interviews. Smash me over the head with the obvious point you are trying to make.

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