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Stephen Fry is Wrong. Without God the World Would be Worse Off

Must read of the day from Fr. Ed Tomlinson:

A video featuring Stephen Fry is going viral. In it he condemns the Christian faith because of the presence in the world of natural evil. As one who takes Christian apologetics seriously, I want to reply to him… Dear Mr Fry, I came across an interview in which you were asked what you would say to God? The answer you gave was clever, which is unsurprising given your clear intellectual gifts, but also unfairly damning. As a priest, who loves the God you denounce, I want to respond. Not to proselytise or dismiss your argument but to offer a different perspective and help you and others understand the value of the faith I seek to follow.
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Lawrence Hall, HSG said...

Mr. Fry was at one time witty, charming, creative, and brilliant. I wonder why he is lapsing into brittle sophomore-speak from 1968. I hope he recovers joy in all things.

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