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Never Alone on the Lenten Journey

Sherry writes:

It takes a lot of courage to enter into Lent, and then to be mindful that one has done so. I suspect it is a reason that many Catholics give up things like chocolate or Diet Coke; things that had become ubiquitous but required parts of our everyday life. Lent is designed to make our relationship with God the ubiquitous but required part of our lives. Even on day one, I hear friends say, “I really miss chocolate.” and I understand; but what we’re supposed to get from this journey, is to the point of recognizing, we should miss God even more than we miss our daily indulgences. The stereotypical self-induced guilt that often gets slapped on a Catholic’s head like a scarlet “C” is a misunderstanding of what we’re supposed to discover by engaging in self reflection and conscious examination. Every time we begin to look at our relationship with God, we can see how it could be, could have been and should be deeper. We all know our own temptations and rationales for our own moments when we allow ourselves this one exception. “God will understand.” And He does, but do we understand what we are asking when we ask for that one exception, that one sin we cling to so fiercely?
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