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Japan Needs Babies, Builds Robots Instead


Over at Reason, Pete Suderman has a great piece about how Japan is looking to robots to help care for its geriatric citizens. It’s funny and creepy and you should totally read it. Japan probably has the worst demographic problem in the world. The country’s fertility rate has been below replacement (way below) for three generations. First, this slowed population growth to a halt; the contraction has now begun and will accelerate in the coming years. Today, Japan has just under 127 million people. If its fertility rate were to stay constant from here until the end of the century, Japan’s population would drop to 59.5 million. (Go and play with the U.N. Population Division numbers; it’s fascinating.)
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Mary De Voe said...

"So what’s Japan to do? The choices are (1) Make more babies; (2) Allow massive immigration; or (3) Build robots."... (4)or euthanasia.

Unknown said...

Robots are cool.

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