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How to Have a Happy Marriage...Even When You're Busy with Kids

Betsy Kerekes writes:

Marital satisfaction tends to take a dip once that first baby comes home from the hospital (or out of the bathtub, birthing centre, etc.). This shouldn't be surprising to anyone. Let's face it - kids, particularly newborns, are difficult. Anyone who says otherwise is either lying, or a grandparent. But you can maintain a happy marriage despite the strains and difficulties on your new life as parents. Here are ten tips for a happier marriage — with children. 1. Remember that love is a decision, not a feeling. It’s impossible to keep warm fuzzy feelings for your spouse constantly, especially when you have children taking up so much of your time and energy. Just remember that your relationship with your spouse comes first. Period. If you want the best for your children (and who doesn't), the success of your marriage is paramount. A Google search will render you a dozen different studies all saying the same things about the negative effects of a broken marriage on children. If you want your kids to be happy, keep your spouse happy. Be happy together. 2. Don't let Robin rule the roost. If your devotion to your children has gotten to the point where they walk all over you (be honest, do things tend in that direction?), there is bound to be tension in your home.
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