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Fr. Bradley: Notre Dame is Damaging the Church

The Implications of Extending Marriage Benefits to Same-Sex Couples:

Many Catholic institutions use marriage to define some of the benefits they make available to their employees. Now that civil marriage is legally available to same-sex couples in most states, and perhaps soon in all, these Catholic institutions all face the question: may we, or indeed should we, extend marriage benefits to same-sex couples who contract such a civil marriage? The University of Notre Dame and many other Catholic institutions have given their answer, loud and clear: we may, we should, and we are doing so right now. It is a morally indefensible answer. And the bad consequences of persisting in it will surely be far-reaching and very damaging. The whole Church, and everyone concerned for the future of our country and the children who are or will be growing up in it, has an important interest in the answer that Catholic institutions are giving.
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Elizabeth Fagerberg said...

Great to see this article getting circulation. One correction though: Gerry Bradley isn't a priest!

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