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Christian florist: Why I can’t agree to provide service to gay weddings

Hot Air has the story:

She’s soft-spoken, has 23 grandkids, professes love for the gay customer who tried to hire her for his wedding and helped him find another florist when she politely declined (it was Washington’s AG, not the customer, who filed the discrimination complaint against her), and stands to lose her business and possibly her home if the state keeps coming after her for this. There may be more sympathetic spokesmen for religious freedom out there but offhand I can’t imagine one. The polling on whether businesses should be required by law to cater to gay weddings is mixed, but I wonder how long that’ll last if the Stutzman case breaks big nationally.
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Mary De Voe said...

Sodomy is a lie about human nature and perjury in a court of law.
The penalty must be commensurate with the crime. Stripping Baronnelle Stutzman of her private property as well as her livelihood because she refuses to recognize the atheism of the state is tyranny, pure and simple. Criminalizing a non-criminal act is tyranny. Tyranny is unconstitutional. Marriage is a covenant with God and the spouse through the conjugal act. Maybe Baronnelle Stutzman does not like being lied to. This case calls to heaven for rectification.

Mary De Voe said...

Caesar is forcing Baronnelle Stutzman to offer incense to the god of atheism. The early Christians who were fed to the lions were not laughing either.

Mary De Voe said...

"or prohibit the free exercise thereof." The First Amendment was shredded when one judge said that Stutzman's faith was covered, but some of her actions on her Faith were not covered by the freedom of religion. "exercise" is actions. This is in accord with the state’s vision of atheism, of banishing the Person of God, and of keeping your religion to yourself and of worshiping God away from the public square.
Atheism rejects the immortal human soul with its sovereign personhood and civil rights, because atheism is not immortal and will die with the atheist. Atheism rejects that the sovereign personhood of the immortal human being constitutes the state, because that would make “We, the people…” sovereign over the state. Atheism rejects that a sovereign human being forfeits his sovereignty when he does vile deeds and separates himself from his Creator and from “We, the people…”.

”We, the people…” have said that marriage consists in one man and one woman because the state has forced the community to accept same sex couples. The state has forced “We, the people” to accept its vision of atheism. Now, the state must defend the indefensible.

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