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Tanning salon or abortuary – which one gets inspected more?

Those UV rays are very dangerous. But slicing up the unborn inside a mother's womb, that's nothing.

An Illinois pro-life group is calling for lawmakers to correct a wrong related to abortion clinics. Zender Though state law requires the health department to inspect abortion mills anytime it deems necessary, Emily Zender of Illinois Right to Life tells OneNewsNow it is "appalling how the Illinois Department of Public Health can look the other way while Illinois' abortion clinics are providing substandard medical care." "We have found that on average, 40 percent of the clinics in Illinois have gone between 14 and 17 years without a health inspection," she reports. "And abortion clinics in Illinois are only being inspected an average of once every nine years." As a result, Zender laments that "women have been maimed, they've been infected with diseases, and they have died in substandard clinics."
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