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Stop Lying. Media Are Censoring Charlie Hebdo Out Of Fear Of Islam

They laughably say it's religious sensitivity.

With straight faces and an apparent belief that we’d all forgotten the media coverage we’ve been subjected to in recent decades, editors and executives at many media outlets claimed this week that their well-established respect for religion prevents them from showing images that Muslim extremists have used to justify murderous terrorism. Nobody believes this. Absolutely nobody on earth believes that American journalists operate with deference toward Baptists, Mormons or Catholics, much less an abundance of deference to same. The Episcopal Church? Sure. Nuns on the Bus? Absolutely. The Rev. Jeremiah Wright? Maybe. But even that’s not about religious deference so much as political tribalism.
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Proteios1 said...

its their war now. Atheists and islam will go to war, as they are the dominant forces. Christians and Jews just have to accept the fact that we are not dominant anymore. We have lost the war Satan has waged from within and without in the name of secularism. So atheism will make peace until CHristians and Jews are even weaker. Islam wont stop its satanic rise, which means mass murder, genocide, atrocities. The two will inevitably clash. the values are too different.
We Catholics need to be careful. Both sides are Satan. We cannot pick one like we pick two corrupt political parties which divides our vote. If we do, we simply pick which of satans army will lead us into hell. Remain independent of this battle. Accept the trials and tribulations that come from not seeking one or the other for some form of safety. They only offer temporary security. They are both wrong and satan can only claim those that choose him. Remain Catholic to the very last breath.

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