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Mother threatened with potential child abuse for showing pro-life film to her kids

Disturbing news from Live Action. But let's face it, this seems to be the way things are going, right?

A few days before Christmas, a U.K. mother of two reached out to Christian radio show program Stand Up For Truth with a plea for prayers and support. She had been notified that Child Protection Services would be contacting her because she had permitted her children to watch the pro-life documentary 180. The controversy began when the mother (who wishes to remain anonymous) included Gospel tracts and a card advertising the 180 movie in party favor jars for a Christmas fair. She distributed these favors at the Church of England Primary School her children attend, and where she was employed at the time. The U.K. mother noted in her letter to the radio program:
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Mary De Voe said...

Children grow up and when the children realize what has been done to them...God help them.

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