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Meet Joshua Johnson, Baton Rouge's rapping, youngest Catholic priest who 'never liked' church as a kid

Check it out yo.

A young Catholic priest who enjoys rap music had a few confessions about his faith and his music: He didn’t like the Catholic Church as a youth, and he doesn’t want to simply be known today At 27, the Rev. Joshua Johnson, of Christ the King Catholic Church at LSU, is the youngest priest in the Diocese of Baton Rouge. Johnson is in his first year as a priest after trying for years to run from his calling to minister in the Catholic Church. “I was raised Catholic, but I just never liked the Catholic Church growing up. I thought it was boring, and I didn’t understand it,” said Johnson, a native of Baton Rouge who recently garnered a measure of renown on YouTube and social media for his rapping talent. He hosts the hip-hop show “Tell the World” on Catholic radio.
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