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Bozell: Pro-Life Protesters Don't Count

Only leftists need apply for media coverage. Thank goodness for blogs.

Hundreds of thousands of protesters descend on Washington every January to "March for Life," protesting the horror of more than a million abortions in America every year. Every year the "news" outlets report next to nothing, even when their reporters are there documenting the event as their cameras film it. This year, the turnout was among the strongest ever, with estimates as high as half a million people. The visual of wave after wave marching to the Capitol to demand action, with banners, flyers and flags; with an ocean of those supposedly disinterested millennial cheering and praying; with babies everywhere. It was a breathtaking sight. Except virtually no one watching the networks ever saw it. CBS gave the story a paltry 15 seconds. NBC "News" blacked it out entirely. So too did ABC "News." Liberal journalists have made it perfectly clear over the years that only radical leftist protesters count. In fact, two or three of them together matter more than hundreds of thousands of social conservatives. The "problem"? You could argue that social conservatives march peacefully, prayerfully, with no violent clashes with the police and no destruction of property, and since it doesn't bleed, it doesn't lead.
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