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Bishop Ricken Issues Statement Strongly Opposing St. Norbert’s Invite to Gloria Steinem


Bishop David Ricken of the Diocese of Green Bay released a statement today at The Compass News expressing his “strong disapproval” of the decision of St. Norbert College to host pro-abortion rights speaker Gloria Steinem for a presentation this April, as first reported by The Cardinal Newman Society. The College, located in De Pere, Wis., is planning to host and give a platform—reportedly about domestic violence—to Steinem during a week-long residency by another abortion-rights activist, Bell Hooks. Despite her conspicuous support for abortion rights, Steinem was described as “a key historical figure and founder of the women’s movement” in the St. Norbert press release.
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Cassandra said...

Stop! or I'll yell Stop! again.

Another case of the very least he could do.

How about a strongly worded letter warning the Catholic faithful that the Norbert administration has obviously jumped the shark, and that Catholic parents should consider attending Norbert to be a danger to their kids' faith?

That would be a nice start.

Unknown said...

They are doing this because there are NO OTHER speakers on the topic of domestic violence. Men NEVER speak out against it. Catholics obviously dont. Noone does...except radical feminists, who have said wonderfully intelligent things like, marriage only exists to oppress women. ALl sex is rape. The bible was written to oppress women (my favorite because it proves women do not have an ego). So if there were any other person who would ever talk about the topic, I am sure St. Norbert woud seek them out because then they could also align the thought process with Catholic teaching. But sadly there is not....

Sarcasm sign - [ON]

Mary De Voe said...

Founder of the "women's movement"? You do not put me in that. No decent person could call what Steinem did "women's movement". It is a lie.

Mary De Voe said...

Prot Teios: "Raise your eyes and look about; they all gather and come to you: your sons come from afar, and your daughters in the arms of their nurses." Isaiah 60:4 "In all the land no other women were as beautiful as the daughters of Job; and their father gave them an inheritance among their brethren." Job 42:15
The Constitution speaks of the sovereign person, not by male and female, but by personhood. HER civil rights are the same as HIS civil rights. "The Theology of the Body" by St. John Paul II
Steinem must needs get her a$$ down and picket the abuser...fraud

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