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Patrick Reilly: School Ground Bullies in the Nation's Capital

The stripping of religious freedom:

On Dec. 2, the Council of the District of Columbia passed an amendment to the D.C. Human Rights Act, repealing protections for religious schools and colleges to determine their own rules regarding gay and lesbian student activities. If the current or incoming mayor signs it, the amendment will become law and likely force the Catholic University of America and the Archdiocese of Washington schools to provide recognition, facilities and perhaps even funding to gay and lesbian student clubs that oppose Catholic teachings. The D.C. Council approved the amendment unanimously, despite vigorous opposition from Catholic University, the D.C. Catholic Conference and the Alliance Defending Freedom, among other religious groups.
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Mary De Voe said...

Self-preservation in thought, mind and body is First Amendment civil rights of the sovereign personhood of the individual citizen. It is not as one judge said that submitting oneself in total to the state is the price of citizenship. Rather, it is the individual sovereign person who constitutes the state with his sovereign personhood. The state does not create sovereign personhood for the citizen, and therefore has no legal, nor authentic authority to deny sovereign personhood to any human being, made in free will with a rational, immortal human soul and sovereign personhood.
The state is constituted to deliver Justice and protect and guarantee Justice as is set out in The Preamble to our Constitution. The Preamble is the unchanging and unchangeable purpose of our Constitution. The sovereign personhood of every individual human being in existence is the unchanging purpose of the Constitution, “…to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our (constitutional) posterity.
Self-preservation of oneself in one’s beliefs, one’s humanity and one’s pursuit of Happiness in the fulfillment of one’s destiny is essential to citizenship.
Taxes belong to the taxpayer even as they are administered by the state, therefore, student loans are tax monies given to the individual student but not to the university. It is only the student’s business as to how he will spend the educational grant and at what college. It is no longer the government’s business. Therefore, the government has no say in how the university runs itself.
Any law levied on a university or corporation must be approved of by the university, because the state does not own the university or the citizens who operate and attend.
If a citizen has not allowed another person into his personal space, there can be no contract. It is the citizen’s right to privacy to choose whom he will allow into his personal space and countenance and with informed consent produce a business contract. The citizen has become a beast of burden to the state, nothing more than a slave to the state, and this is called taxation without representation.

Gerry said...

Ben Shapiro's book Bullies (here) is a good book to read on this subject. Another one is Breitbart's Righteous Indignation (here).

Mary De Voe said...

Thank you,Gerry M. Ben Shapiro is a beautiful man and true.

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