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Marquette suspends prof’s teaching, orders him off campus. You Won't Believe Why.

Please recall that Marquette is a Catholic university.

In November, Prof. John McAdams (Marquette political science) — who blogs at Marquette Warrior — wrote a post critical of a philosophy instructor, Cheryl Abbate. (Abbate is a graduate student but was apparently the sole instructor for the particular section of the Theory of Ethics class, as is not uncommon for undergraduate courses at research universities.) The post faulted Abbate for allegedly not allowing criticism of homosexuality in class discussions (the quotes appear to be from the student who had approached McAdams to complain about Abbate):
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ANNE said...

Priests and all others need to defend themselves using documentation - the Doctrine of the Faith which is contained in the "Catechism of the Catholic Church, second edition".

If your superiors deny this - then go the Diocese Bishop, who has responsibility for all things "Catholic" within his Diocese.

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