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Minneapolis Schools To Stop Suspending Black Students For Violations That Would Get White Kids Suspended…

Yet another reason to avoid public schools:

Minneapolis Public Schools are implementing a new policy aimed at eliminating the gap between the races when it comes to suspensions. Nothing will change for white students, they will still be suspended at the discretion of each school’s principal. But for minority students, specifically black, Hispanic and Native American students, the Minneapolis Schools Superintendent’s office will personally review each case. This new policy is part of an agreement with U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights announced last week after an investigation into why minority students made up such a high percentage suspended students in the past.
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Amy Giglio said...

I'd like to know how this is not discriminatory against white kids.

Mary De Voe said...

equal Justice

Lawrence Hall, HSG said...

School boards, like the president, senators, representatives, governors, and state legislatures are elected by the people. We are the people. We will have the government we elect, locally and federally.

Lawrence Hall, HSG said...

Ouch - I failed to mark the end of an interrupter with a comma between "legislature" and "are."


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