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How Narnia and Middle Earth helped an atheist professor find her faith

Love this.

I have been reading Dr Holly Ordway’s Not God’s Type: an Atheist Academic Lays Down her Arms (Ignatius Press, or Gracewing in the UK). It is always uplifting to read books like this, not in a triumphalist way but because it is a reminder that underneath all the glaring human weaknesses in the Church as an institution, which we all know so well, there are still people out there who are searching for answers to fundamental questions and then finding them in the Church. Ordway, a professor of English and director of the MA in cultural apologetics at Houston Baptist University in the US, provides a very telling description of the atheist mindset (as opposed to those who drift along in agnostic indifference). There is a kind of fierce pride in telling yourself that you are “the product of blind chance”. The author saw herself, with all her rational self-sufficiency, as “standing on my lonely precipice, able to recognise my identity as a meaningless speck in an uncaring universe”. She notes her sense of superiority to people of faith, her cynicism about the myths they believed in; she even sensed her heart hardening, in her determination to quell any doubts in her dogmatic insistence on atheism.
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