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First Do No Harm. A Catholic Physician Tells All

Tod Worner writes:

I am a Catholic and a physician. As a convert to the Catholic Faith, many have asked me to explain my faith and offer reasons for perceived shortcomings in the Catholic creed. “Why do you believe…?” “How can you justify…?” Rather than becoming defensive, I have found myself eager to answer such questions. After all, at one point, these questions were my own. I came to Catholicism, in part, because it is a beautiful repository of wondrous faith and scintillating reason. Curiously, however, no one has ever asked me as a practicing physician to explain my faith in medicine. An obvious question for a field that inaugurates its practitioners with an oath to “First, do no harm.” And yet, this question is taken for granted because medicine is a science. As such, it is considered honest, true and self-correcting.
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