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16 Magistrates Retire After North Carolina Legalizes Same Sex Marriage

Higher than reported.

The number of North Carolina magistrates who have resigned or retired early because of their opposition to performing same-sex marriages is higher than previously reported.Last month, a federal judge cleared the way for same-sex marriages in North Carolina, prompting the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) to direct magistrates. They are required by law to perform the wedding ceremonies, if asked.AOC reports between that ruling on Oct. 10 and the end of the month, 16 magistrates left their jobs, but the state wouldn't release why they left.
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Mary De Voe said...

Because the ss people have a judge sitting in front of any lawsuit they cannot sue anybody, no church, no minister, nobody. They can be so-called married by the judge. They are not denied their civil rights or equal justice. The ss people are denied their freedom to demand from any other person what the person refuses to them. The courts allowed ss so-called marriage. Now, it has come home to roost.

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