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Why I'm NOT Going to Take My Own Life

A testimony of love and life.

By now, most of you have heard the story of Brittany Maynard, a glioblastoma patient, who is going to commit suicide. She has joined "Compassion & Choices" formerly known as the Hemlock Society, who advocates for legalized euthanasia. In fact, this group has made a video with sad and ominous music and a lot of words about "death with dignity", "compassion", "choice", "suffering", "enough is enough". Like Kara Tippetts, My heart goes out to Brittany and her family. I want Brittany to know that she is loved, not just by her family and friend, but also by me. I will keep Brittany and Kara in my prayers and good thoughts, just as I do Cheryl Broyles.
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priest's wife said...

thanks CMR! We are praying for her and her family!

Mary De Voe said...

Socrates drank the hemlock, thus becoming an accessory to his own murder. Jesus did nothing of the kind. "I lay down my life and I take it up again." Since the woman cannot take her life up again, she must not lay it down to liars. The pretense that her pain and cancer will go away in the hereafter, is only hearsay from the Great Liar, Satan. Satan will make her misery and pain compounded for eternity. There is no heaven in hell.

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